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Mission and Beliefs
We live in a culture of paradox. On the one hand we are prospering and moving forward. On the other hand we are standing still. Many are unsure about their purpose in life and are searching for meaning and direction. We struggle daily with the grind, fight loneliness and "dis-ease" of every variety. While resources are bountiful to create happiness we hunger for peace and joy.

Jesus offers the peace and joy that the world needs. It is not something that is here today and gone tomorrow, but is eternal and lasting. God's call for us is to take God's grace in Jesus Christ and share it with the poor, the hungry, naked, with those who hurt. Our purpose is to bring hope, healing and wholeness to the world in Jesus's name.

The mission of VUMC is simple: Make disciples who make more disciples.

Everything we do is for the purpose of making disciples for Jesus Christ. In worship and fellowship it is our every intent to reach out to others to share Jesus's message of hope, to bring healing and wholeness to the broken, to show the way to lost and give life to the dying.

The Vernon United Methodist Church is in the Skylands District of the Greater NJ Annual Conference. The church was established in 1837 on its present site as the Methodist Episcopal Church. Our rich history and tradition of faithfulness is visible in the Spirit of God alive in the people who embody the congregation today. Presently the church has an average attendance of 135 between three worship services and a membership of 171.

VUMC is a vibrant congregation that genuinely cares for each other and our community. We are committed to learning and growing in discipleship together so that others will see the love of God in and thru us. We value Jesus' message of grace and mercy, the importance of a right relationship with God and with others. And we seek to become a relevant presence in the community of Vernon for Jesus Christ.

We are a church of "Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors." There is always room at the Lord's table. All are welcome.

Vernon United Methodist Church
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